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Legendary stones that possess great power when held by the deserving, are you one of these people?

You’ve heard of the infinity stones, but have you heard of the Asgardian Stones here at the phone casino Thorslots? No? Well, they are just as powerful as the ones held by Thanos in the Marvel movies and with good reason.

The stones found in this slot seem to have more human-like qualities to them, this will make more sense when you play the Asgardian Stones slot for yourself, but for now let’s simply speculate as to where these stones came from and what they mean. Like Stone Henge, these pillars were made by a force that far outweighs the time as well as the technology required to make such a thing.

Asgardian Stones is a NetEnt creation, which should tell you a lot about this slot before you’ve even seen it in action. This slot follows some of NetEnt’s most popular slots games characteristics which includes 5 reels and 20 pay-lines, and although other developers use the same lay-out, none are as good as NetEnt in our opinion.

Players who are looking for replay value will find it in the various additional features and jackpots that loom in the distance. There is a 500 coin jackpot up for grabs in Asgardian Stones, and players who earn the respect of the stones shall be granted access to this.

If we haven’t convinced you so far in playing Asgardian Stones then might we suggest you read the rest of this review? There’s a lot here to discuss and we want to leave no stone unturned. Click here to play free slots casino games or read below for more!

Why Play Asgardian Stones Slot?

Going into Asgardian Stones we didn’t really know what to expect, all we knew was that this was a NetEnt developed slot which is what captured our attention in the first place. And so, we were pleasantly surprised at how well put-together this slot happens to be considering how easy it could have been for NetEnt to simply keep the mystique for this slot at a high level without the context.

Asgardian Stones might be our favourite slot to date from this slots games developer, as what they have tried to do here leans heavily on experimental and we can’t help but appreciate the effort. If you are looking for something a little off-kilter then we think we might have found just the slot for you.

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How to Play Asgardian Stones Slot Game

Like with any online slot, one must first set their bet amounts and coin sizes accordingly. Coin sizes vary depending on what one is looking to achieve, if one is looking at getting the most for their money then we would recommend playing down 10 coins per line, the minimum coin size that one can place is around 1 so there is something for everyone.

Asgardian Stones is a very dark slot to see at first, but once you start matching symbols on the reels you realise that this is only temporary. You see, each and every symbol on these reels is represented by a different facial expression as well as colour.

This is a very fun way of making players choose the types of symbols they want without having to simply guess as to which symbols they think have the highest pay-outs.

Players have various options below the reels to help them in deciding how they wish to play Asgardian Stones. If players want to get straight into the action then there is a max bet button that will allow one to simply spin away, or if players are looking to keep the reels running off in the background, there is an autoplay mode that gives one the ability to do simply that.

We would always advise that new players start on a low bet amount and work their way up, although this is quite a simplistic slot so you could basically start wherever and see where it happens to take you.

Asgardian Stones Stats
Reels 5x3
Paylines 20 paylines
Developer NetEnt
RTP 96.31%
Volatility Low to Medium levels

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Asgardian Stones Free Spins and Bonus Features

Like in many of NetEnt’s previous titles, these slots would not be without the additional features that make gameplay seem lively. Each of these features offer something completely different with each spin, which if anything will encourage repeated spins from an audience who yearn in anticipation as to what happens next.

  • AVALANCHE: The avalanche feature causes symbols to fall in place on the reels rather than simply appear and sit there. This feature will create various explosions across the reels which will only stop once all matching symbols have disappeared.
  • FREE SPINS: Matching certain symbols on the reels will grant access into the free spins feature, where players will have the chance to match various symbols for free with an additional multiplier attached.
  • COLOSSAL SYMBOL: The colossal symbol allows symbols to form blocks, these blocks act almost like expanded symbols although they are clustered together. Once matched they explode creating more symbols on the reels.

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Veterans of the online slot medium will have no doubt ran into these guys at some point in time. In-fact we are pretty sure you will have played a NetEnt slot by association as a lot of the features that you will find in various slots today were mastered and refined by NetEnt - as Asgardian Stones slot is. 

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Asgardian Stones Slots Online

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Our Verdict on Asgardians Stones

We would advise anyone who enjoys slots with a hint of mystery to check out this slot for themselves. Asgardian Stones is one of NetEnt’s finest creations to date. You can see why this slot is one of the most popular slots going today. What are you waiting for? Play this slot today! Or why not try Sidewinder slot?