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Rocks that take on a life of their own, what’s not to like? Try out our free online slots, like Gem Rocks, by claiming 500 free spins with your first €10 deposit!

Have you ever sat and pondered what life but be like as a bright and colourful rock? No? Well, now you have your chance in this Yggdrasil Gaming developed slot, the appropriately titled Gem Rocks!  There is over 4,000 different ways for players to win here, making it a very replay-heavy slot games to say the least.

Gem Rocks Statistics/Info
Ways to Win 4,096 / 6 Reels
Release Date 2018
Developer Yggdrasil
RTP 96.2%
Volatility High / 111
Bonuses Cascading Wins, Multipliers
Bet levels €0.01 - €50 per spin
Max Win €921 with lowest bet / €450,000 with highest bet

Overview of Gem Rocks Slot

How this slot manages to have so many different ways of winning lies in the way that it is played? Gem Rocks slot is not played like your classic online slot, no no, Gem Rocks is its own kind of beast, the kind that marches to the beat of its own drum. The only definite thing in this slot is that it has a 6x4 reel structure, making it very unique compared to other games out in the market.

The bet levels are very diverse in Gem Rocks, making it very welcoming to new players and veterans alike. There are so many different ways to play here, that it can make it difficult to keep up at times, but don’t worry, we were the same until we managed to get comfortable.

If this slot is somewhat confusing, that’s because it is. Yggdrasil Gaming are known for their experimental tendencies, so the best advice we can give you is to just ride the wave and see what comes of it! Want to learn more about Gem Rocks slot to help with the confusion? Check out the rest of this 2021 slots review below.

Expectation vs Reality

Going into the Gem Rocks slot we didn’t really know what to expect, as normally our expectations are based off of comparisons to other slot games. But Gem Rocks is very unique in that it takes traditional rules and turns them on its head.

Some of the characters in this slot look very similar to those found in various mobile games, where the designs are playful yet not overly realistic, a hallmark of most online slots that are trying to capitalise on the very popular mobile gaming market. 

We would highly encourage players start playing on a low amount Gem Rocks slot, in order to get comfortable with your surroundings, from there you will have trained your eye to this slot and you can then proceed to bleed these rocks dry (monetarily speaking). Find free slot games from Yggdrasil to play now on Thor Slots!

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How to Play Gem Rocks Slot Game

Gem Rocks is a slot that allows players to match symbols in all kinds of different directions. These directions allow players to experiment with various different combinations that you wouldn’t normally associate with online slot gaming. Symbols are again matched from the left to right direction, players will need to match at-least 3 symbols on the reels in order to win. Players can match up to 6 symbols in order to come out with a very big pay-out.

All of the symbols you see on the reels of Gem Rocks represent something different in terms of numerical value. Which is why it is important to familiarise yourself with how to play as well as what kind of symbols pay-out what, as you can keep an eye out for those most importantly.

The look and feel of Gem Rocks slot is very well crafted, giving players the chance to marvel at some of the most beautiful rock formations as they play. This is a 3D slot game from a developer who have had more than their fare share of experiences with experimentation in slot titles.

Gem Rocks is very much an active experiment; throwing certain ideas against the wall in order to see what sticks. The reels will light up in a variety of different colours whenever symbols are matched, and with a RTP of 96.2%, it can be easy to see why Gem Rocks slot is so popular with players.

Gem Rocks Paytable
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Gem Rocks Free Spins & Bonuses

There are a lot of additional features to utilise in standard gameplay, making it very useful in getting high scores which will turn into high pay-outs as a result. Again, the bonus and Gem Rocks free spins features can feel like a lot at first but they are nothing to get too worked up about.

  • CLUSTER WINS: Consecutive wins on the reels will provide players with specific clusters that will explode across the reels. This can be as big as a 4x4 cluster in certain instances.
  • EXPANDING SYMBOLS: Matching certain symbols on the reels of Gem Rocks in repeat succession will cause their chosen symbol to expand, filling most of the screen. The symbol will then expand causing it to be easily matched in future spins.

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Hit or Miss?

Gem Rocks is not like most of the online slots you’ve played in the past, this is a slot that creates its own rules to the benefit of those who happen to be playing this slot for themselves.

Developer Yggdrasil Gaming are known to experiment from time to time, to great effect too considering this slot is one of the most popular slots in the world right now. We believe that this is the case due to the fact that its different.

This is not a cookie cutter slot, and should be treated with the respect it has earned and deserves. Play Gem Rocks today to see what it has in store for you!

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