Free Slot Games to Download & Play Today

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Free Slot Games to Download

Now has never been a better time to play a wide variety of casino games/free slot games, just ask the thousands of people who flock to a variety of online casinos on a daily basis! Playing free slots is great for many number of reasons - although it almost always depends on the player and what they like to play for fun; that's the great thing about the online games industry: there's something for players old and new!

Today we'll be looking at the best play for fun free slots out right now available to download. Not a lot of players understand that most of the free slots games you see online can be downloaded to play offline regardless of the device you use. To download or not to download, this is the question that punters tend to toy with, as both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the game.

Real money vs Free Slots Games

When it comes to online casino games, there are two main variations of note: real money and free slots games - the same goes for online slots. Both have clear advantages as pastimes; which you ultimately choose will come down to what you want to play at that moment. Knowing the difference between real money games and free games will help you determine the sort of player you are, or perhaps the mood you're in.

Here are the main differences/similarities between real money spins/turns and playing free:

Win Real Money Slots

To play for real money slots is probably the more popular of the two, unless you are counting free slots bonuses earned through welcome bonuses as free games. Punters will probably spend a hell of a lot more time in games where you can win real money due to the low deposit requirements in certain online slots.

Real money slots give you the chance to play jackpot and megaways versions of new and upcoming slots too - most with incredibly high RTP (return to player) percentages, giving you the chance to chase the top prize. If you like gambling to make money, then gaming with actual stakes is probably the best option - just remember to please gamble responsibly.


  • To deposit cash adds an extra level of enjoyment in the chase for top wins
  • Deposit bonuses are available to new players on sign-up, offering a great start and similar experience to free slots
  • One win in a jackpot games and megaways slots have the chance for gigantic payouts


  • Real slots can sometimes play with varying volatility, lowering the likelihood of a cash win on average
  • You stand to lose the money you make at any time, even when playing a hot streak
  • Gambling with real money can be addictive when you only want to make it big via top wins

Free Slot Games

Online casinos give you the opportunity to play for free slots whenever you like really. To play free online all you need is an account at the online casino site you're interested in. Once set up, you can play free casino games and play free slots for as long as you like, with no need to worry about your account balance or any kind of deposit!

Playing free slots gives you the opportunity to practice in certain online slot games too! New players with little to no experience in the world of online slots should almost always research what they're thinking about playing ahead of time. Not sure what to play first? Find the best starting point by searching for the best popular free slots games - or continue reading, as we cover the best free online casino games in another section.


  • Free slots games allow you to play for fun/practice at slots you might need help in
  • Playing free allows one to experiment in how they play a wide variety of slots games (especially in those big reel slots)
  • Free online slots simulate the real deal, perfect for new players with no previous experience


  • One won't be able to win the true top prize through the biggest bonus, no matter the online slot machine in question
  • Only the no deposit bonuses can ever be used as most require an initial deposit, even no wagering bonuses
  • Certain live casino games cannot be played for free (live video poker for example)

Which Is Better?

It's such a cop-out answer, but the answer really depends on you and the reason you play. Enjoy video poker? Then perhaps real money online casinos are for you. Enjoy free spins with no deposit required? Then make sure you click on the free version of any applicable slot games to play for the fun of it. Again, you can find the top games by searching for 'most popular'.

Both of these versions play near identical to one another, with the same bonuses, and the same graphics - the only difference comes when you need to deposit (and win real cash obviously). Free slots are great for a lazy afternoon, either on mobile or some other device. Table games like poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines can all be experienced for free - free mobile games are pretty fun too.

Download vs No Download Slot Games Free

Online slot machines can be downloaded in most cases, allowing you to play your own way straight from your desktop! This isn't a new phenomenon either, online casinos have given punters the opportunity to download free slots games for quite some time now, even letting them keep a hold of new games from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming to name but a few.

Wondering if downloading a game is the right choice for you? Get all the information on both below:

To Download Slots

Downloading games is convenient as it allows you to jump straight in to your favourite casino game by clicking the icon for it. Having a good signal will no longer play a factor once downloaded; you could be in New Zealand or Malta, it doesn't matter, the game is downloaded and yours to keep.

If you're thinking about downloading a game, make sure you have a decent internet connection as some will take a while to install. You might have played multiple spins in the game normally with the time it can take to download, which is the only real downside.


  • Installing slot machine games can be very convenient for instant play
  • Games including: casino titles and free slots can all be downloaded to play whenever (rights reserved)
  • Punters can back out and uninstall if the download size is too large (or they don't play the slot/game enough to warrant having it installed)


  • Some slot downloads can take a long time to install due to file size or slow internet speeds
  • Downloading free slot machines (or any game really) to desktop will limit your access to them when using another device
  • Certain free slots and real money games cannot be downloaded (jackpot slots for example)

Not To Download Slot Games

Not downloading a game comes with many advantages too, the first being it doesn't clog up your personal hard drive. A lot of these slots have massive file sizes, and although they might play better when downloaded, the time it would take to install might not be worth it.

If you have a device capable of managing a lot of storage, only then should you look to install and start gaming that way. Whether it's on your desktop or not, playing a specific slot/casino title will be the same regardless - unless you wish to play on mobile which unfortunately can't be downloaded for later use.


  • One is given the chance to play slots/casino titles on mobile as they don't need to be downloaded on one given device
  • Gaming is not restricted by how much hard drive space you have left to download games with
  • Gambling your way is a lot more streamlined, allowing you flick between multiple sites rather than stick to one of many casinos


  • Slow internet speeds can have lead to bad experiences compared to downloaded slots/games
  • Those with low budgets are encouraged to spend more in non-dowloaded free slots/casino games
  • Certain casinos are difficult to navigate, making it harder to find the slots you wish to play

Which Is Better?

Everything we've looked at here is telling us not to install. The time it takes for a game to fully install can be crazy, to the point where you are missing out on valuable play time at multiple casinos. You are really only putting a cap on yourself, limiting what you have readily available when gaming.

Know that downloading a game is only available via desktop, you can't play free slots on mobile - the closest you can get to that is downloading an app for the site you play at (if they have an app that is). If you play for fun and just want to have a classic 3 reel fruity at hand, feel free to install as they tend to have quite a minimal file size, as long as they aren't one of those fancy video slots.

Free Slot Games to Download for Free

Free casino slot games come in all shapes and sizes depending on what games you like to play when gaming. Real money slots are fun and all, but money games will often play a disadvantage. High volatility slots and low RTP titles aren't worth it at all, other than to get a taste. Always back free slots if you care about a good time that lasts.

Some casinos will have a free slots page with everything you need right there. New free slot games are rarely added to these pages, but it still gives you an idea on what is popular, and even what to avoid in some cases. Not every slot game can be the best, which is unfortunate, but there is just so much to play right now free spins-wise, so it shouldn't matter to you all that much.

Here are our choices for the best free slots you can play right now (every game here can be played on mobile):

  • Gonzo's Quest - Search for the infamous city of gold in Gonzo's Quest, a 5 reel by 20 payline video slot from the one and only NetEnt. In this game you will travel back to a time when a lot of the earth was left a mystery. Get your hands dirty in this jungle with free spins and an avalanche feature that is sure to uncover top wins with every winning combination.
  • Book of Dead - We couldn't have a list of the best free online slots without mentioning Book of Dead. Similar to the last slot machine we mentioned, Book of Dead has you uncovering secrets, this time in ancient Egypt. This 5 reel by 10 payline slot machine borrows a lot from both the Indiana Jones, and Uncharted franchises. Free spins serve as the best bonus here, granting multipliers to help get those big scores.

Other Free Casino Games worth to Download and play in 2021

Slot machines are some of the best free games you have access to right now, but there are other free casino titles worth checking out. It pays to keep coming back to reputable casinos as you ever know what new bonus promotions they have available across a varied selection of slots. You can play free slots all the time if you install them too, remember that.

Weigh up whether or not you can download these games/slots to ensure they're the right fit for you above all else. You can't install slots or casino offerings on mobile, but having that option available is definitely going to be beneficial to those who like to do their gaming on-the-go. You're more likely to find a new online slot machine fit for mobile devices than one that allows you to spin for free.

Gaming is never better with these sorts of new and established titles, that are sure to keep you coming back for more across many casinos:

  • Rainbow Riches
  • Irish Eyes
  • White Wizard
  • Irish Luck
  • 7's To Burn